April 2, 2021

Finding Ideas [13/365]

Writing everyday means trying to find an original idea for me to develop every morning. I do write some ideas down to reflect upon them, but I sometimes do not have anything remaining in this list.

So I have to take some time to find a topic I can talk about, which can be quite hard.

This is probably because I am only at the beginning of this writing journey. From what I understand, finding and expanding ideas on my own will become more natural and easy.

It does not mean this process should be easy. More than anything, it should not become automatic (again) or it would bring any benefit in the long term.

My goal with this writing is to leave a trace, expand my mind, develop thoughts and ideas with my own understanding. And this won’t happen in only a few days. This is why I committed to write everyday for a whole year, so that I get the time for the changes to happen.

Change is a gradual process, almost no single event can bring lasting benefits. It’s the day to day actions that make who you are.

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