June 2, 2021

Doing One Thing [71/365]

To make progress, one of the best solution is to focus on one single thing.

For me right now, I have my day job, this daily writing, and I want to create a project that can help me become independent.

This is too much.

Since I have a family to take care of, I cannot just quit my job. I have committed to this daily writing for a year, so it is hard for me to quit that. But I feel like this is not what I should be doing right now, and that my “free” time would be better spent building a product in public.

So I’m struggling with this decision: Should I quit the daily challenge for now ?

It does not bring much benefit now, neither for others or for myself. When you compare that to what would bring building a project in public, it is not the investment with the best returns.

I am saddened, but I will quit writing like this. I will build, share what I build on Twitter, maybe write some blog post about what I learn in the process. But it would be foolish for me to continue writing like this, at least when I am this time limited and I have a completely different goal to achieve.

See you soon !

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