May 5, 2021

Daily Blogging or Classical Blogging ? [46/365]

It has been a hard couple days to write. I’ve been quite busy and did not find a lot of time to do so. This is why those are very short posts.

I am seeing this pattern of doing something just because I want to do it daily, but where it does not have a lot of benefit because it does not make my brain turn really on. Noticing this is quite an improvement though, and I want to expand on that.

When I was journaling daily, I created some questions for myself, which I had to answer everyday. While I put quite a bit of effort in the answers in the first days, they quickly became automatic, and it just became an exercise in getting a page filled out instead of a real thinking exercise.

The daily blogging goes in a very different direction though. Since you have to think about a new topic every day, it removes this automatic behavior, and you actually have to put a bit of thoughts in your writing. However, the downside is that if you want to really expand on a topic and polish a post, then you have to write it in parallel of your practice.

The daily thinking and mindfulness is what brings you the benefits, but it can be a painful process. This is why I sometimes get into very shallow posts and just get it out, especially when I don’t have much time to write it out.

I’ve gone back and forth between the daily posting and the blog writing, because both have their benefits. I think now that I probably should be looking at both for different applications. The daily blog post is to expand your mind, explore shallowly a vast amount of topics, while the classical blog writing allows you to go as deep as you want it.

Maybe the daily posting is too much of a restriction, but it also pushes you to keep writing and make it a habit.

Once the 365 days challenge is over, I will keep trying to write this daily post. However, there might be skipped days, as long as it is not more than 1 skipped day in a week (exceptions not included).

The most important, is to keep writing

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