April 14, 2021

Skipping Topics [25/365]

Some days like today, I have very little drive to work in the morning.

But I had a topic which I am interested in writing about.

Since I want to spend some more time with this subject, and not just throw something out (sorry today’s post), I choose to skip it for today, write the idea down in my notes, and come back to it tomorrow.

If this was not a daily challenge where I have to publish every day, I would probably have started juggling ideas even if they were bad. I could always change everything the following day.

This daily challenge forces me to put myself out there, even when posts are not as polished as I would like. If I notice that I can get a small improvement in a day or make an even better work the day after, then I’ll go for that. Doing this over the long run also means knowing when to slow down to not quit.

Some days are harder, keep the hardest work for the easier days but stay on course anyway.

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