April 19, 2021

Am I Solving a Problem [30/365]

With Requeme, my goal is to create a way to go from forms to direct commands or workflow for the receiver of the form. That means that you get directly what you need to do, and not just the list of items that the other person sent your way.

However, I should have started with an actual problem that I observed. I can always find an issue for which this solution kind of applies, but that feels like trying to fit a problem to the solution.

It’s not going in the right direction.

I am afraid to change project once again because of this. But at the same time, I don’t want to waste some time if I see that my approach is not correct. I know this kind of solutions already exist and are already being sold. I’ve seen one which is hard to get to, quite slow, not very customizable and just returns the fields that were asked for. I see improvements to this process.

Let’s at least try to identify the problem that I would like to solve, and see if Requeme would apply for it.

In my team, the issue we had was that when someone was asking for some resources or accesses, they usually came to the same person in the team, asked directly without giving all information which led to a lot of back and forth, often disrupting the flow of one who was being pinged.

Is solving this with a form creating tickets the best approach ? It does solve most of these issues. The ticket is created for the whole team to take, all of the information is present, and no one specifically is pinged, leading to a better asynchronicity.

Right now, I don’t see a better way to do so. Automating repetitive and robotic requests would be the best solution but can be quite tricky. Instead, automate the documentation creation to ensure that even the new members of the team can easily get started with those standard tasks and start learning the layout of the project. It also gives a blueprint that helps automating the task when you decide to do so, and could also be a part of the automation.

I started working on Requeme thinking that it may not work, but I do want it to at least be a step forward, and that would be making my first money online. This is one place where I think I can improve on current solutions, and make this goal a reality.

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