April 21, 2021

Dealing With Ideas [32/365]

I get quite a lot of ideas of business to develop. That makes me want to keep hopping from project to project, because the new one is always more shiny that the previous one.

Some ideas are completely new, some others come back to me after a bit.

While I decided to focus only on Requeme right now, I still want to deal with those ideas, especially if they keep coming back. I probably will have to get more than a single project off the ground to actually have something that works as well as I expect it.

So I write those ideas down, with all of the details I obsess about. If I don’t, I just cannot focus on an other topic, or simply sleep.

I know I can always come back to those later, and it gives them time to mature. If the idea is not as interesting in a few months, then it’s probably good that I did not pursue it.

As long as I have not shipped a full project, I will not look at anything else.

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