April 22, 2021

My Job Is a Source of Ideas [33/365]

While I try to get started as an indiehacker, I have a day job which helps me grow and pay the bills. I am very fortunate that I am working with amazing people, on interesting projects which let me develop some of the skills necessary to become a better entrepreneur.

As with any job, there are challenges in the day to day work. Those give me a lot of ideas to work with on my indiehacker journey.

For example, the Requeme idea is born from a pain point we had. We were constantly pinged directly by people needing resources or accesses, which made us less effective. We also had no centralized trace of all those small tasks.

We started using a form add-on to Jira, which works well enough, but has a lot of quirks. It is quite hard to find in the interface. The data from the form is quite hidden in the ticket that is created. Finally, we had to have an extra detailed documentation about what people could ask us.

My idea was to use Requeme to solve these quirks and go further. With a single URL, it would be easier to find. The form data (or templated output in this case) would be input directly in the description. The forms would be easily discoverable through a good search feature. On top of it all, it would also work with other platforms like Slack and OpsGenie, and have a CLI to run the commands directly from the output of the form with a single copy paste.

If you’re looking for ideas to get started, look at the pains of your job. Solve one.

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