April 24, 2021

Planting my flag: Rust and Elm [35/365]

I have been trying to build Requeme but without a community of people who would actually want to buy it. This may be a change of mind, but I am pretty convinced that this is not a good idea.

What’s great about creating your own platform is that if you put in the work, chances are that it will keep growing. This community will then be a great source of ideas for you to work on.

In his Your first 60 Days talk, Patrick McKenzie (@patio11 on Twitter) tells you to stop looking for what you should build, and start choosing who you should serve. Serve the people whom you are energized to talk to everyday, because that’s what you’ll be doing.

So I’m choosing to serve developers. More specifically, I choose to serve the developers who want a different approach to creating web applications and go with two specific technologies: Rust and Elm.

Those are two technologies that I have started to learn recently, and I want to grow with them, learn about them, teach them to others and create a few projects that can illustrate how to build with those tools.

I’m still an advanced beginner, thus have a lot to learn. And for each new nugget of knowledge, I will share what I learn and how I can use it.

I love the technologies and the philosophies behind them. I want to serve the people who think the same way.

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