March 25, 2021

No Excuses [5/365]

With a daily practice, one of the most difficult challenges you can face is to be sick. It may be just a cold, or like in my case last night, a debilitating headache that takes most of your willpower away.

Remember that you’re committed for the long run, then

  • Take it easy
  • Do your daily minimum

For me today, it meant getting up 30 minutes later and writing this daily post.

This gave me the momentum to keep on building Requeme. Having pushed through a bit of pain kept me going.

And I know I will have a better day because of the pride I get from this.

The most difficult is getting started.

Know what your minimum amount of work is, so that you can get it done even when you’re not feeling good. And take it easy ! Your health is more important than your work.

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