May 26, 2021

Enjoying Hardships [66/365]

At times in your life, you will feel like you’re faced with a lot of obstacles that prevent you to make forward progress. It could be your job, your family situation, lack of money, lack of network. There are thousands of reasons you can find.

Instead of seeing those as obstacles, try to turn them on their head and make them a positive.

You have little time to work on your side project after work ? You’ll have to learn how to focus on what really matters.

You cannot focus because there is a lot of noise at your place ? Finding quiet hours may bring you a lot of rest. Finding focus even in this environment is also a skill you can develop.

Don’t have any money ? You’ll have to go the “free” route, and save a bunch of money down the line because you knew how to go without it at first.

Don’t have a network ? Then you can make as many mistakes as you want while you’re developing one along with your expertise or simply your product.

Find what makes the situation you are in unique, and take advantage of it. If you lean into the obstacle, you’ll find a good support to build upon.

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