April 29, 2021

Creating the simplest product [40/365]

5 days ago, I was planting my flag in a topic which I don’t know a lot about.

Today, I read this post which introduced me to a very logical approach to getting started step by step. So I’m changing my mind again because right now, I don’t need to be doing 25 things in parallel.

I need to ship.

I need a first client.

This approach of starting by creating a small-ish product that you only sell once seems like a simple way to get started and gain some experience and get my first client.

As for what I’ll build, I just want to get started with a very simple private email list with 365 days challenges like this writing challenge. The recipient will get 2 to 3 options everyday of something to accomplish.

For example, in a 365 days writing challenge, you could have:

  • Write 100 words in your journal
  • Write a simple blog post (less than 500 words) about an idea that is stuck with you
  • Write a nice email to one of your coworkers

Having those elements delivered to you everyday makes it easier to complete the challenge, and helps grow by taking unconventional actions.

Along with that, there will also be a private community where people could share their advice, and their results.

I’ll go for this. If things work well, I’m sure I will have opportunities to expand on it.

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