April 30, 2021

Simple Plan to Get Started [41/365]

To get ready for my new adventure, there are a few elements I need some clarification upon. I’ll start the list here for reference.

Who do I want to serve ?

I want to serve the people who want to grow, have a full time job and don’t necessarily find the time to practice the craft they want to learn. They read books, tutorials, and watch videos, but getting started can be quite hard because you have to choose what you would be doing without knowing if that is the right thing. They are, or want, to create their own business.

Where do I want these people to get at the end of the challenge ?

I want to get those people from knowing pretty much nothing about a topic to where they have been doing it so much that it has become a habit. A secondary objective is to help people get an edge over procrastination by making sure the action is easy to achieve.

Technical considerations

The flow would be

  • Get to the landing page
  • Click on Start the challenge
  • Input your personal information
  • Input your credit card information
  • Get your first email directly

For that, I need

  • A landing page
  • A ready email sequence for a year
  • A pay wall

To get my first customer, I will keep posting on Twitter and Indiehackers.

When will I stop

If I did not get my first client 60 days after the launch, I will probably stop there and move on. I may work on a similar challenge on a different topic to see if that changes anything.

The goal is to get 1 paying customer. That’s it.

Very simple start. Once this is done, I’m hoping to have much more experience and continue bringing value.

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