January 11, 2019

Choosing My Next Post

The last posts that I wrote, it was hard to choose the topic. So I decided to create a small system today to ease up the decision.

This system is really simple, but it will really ease the decision.

I have a list of topics that I want to write about, for which I want to create systems in my life. So if I don’t have a preference, knowing that I will write about all of them, why bother ? I’ll just take the first one and keep improving.

Doing after writing the previous one is really important in this case. First, it will help to have made the decision for the next day, to limit friction to get started. In the same line, I will have just finished writing an other post. I may have a topic that is related and for which I have some ideas that I can express. Finally, having chosen a day before will allow me to think about the topic, even if I am not aware of it, while I go through my day. This way, the writing gets easier when I get down to it.

Tonight, I noticed that I followed the system creation system, but in a slightly different order. I first wrote down the trigger, then the function. This was just a random choice, but I think it fits better my way of working, since I usually think first about when to use the system before what it does exactly.

What do you think? Any suggestions of improvement? Would such a system fit you?

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