January 8, 2019

My Morning Routine System

To get started with systems, I’ll first lay out the current ones I have. The first one of those is my morning routine, which I have now been in for about a year.

While each step is part of the system, I feel that it is separated into 3 parts, which roughly correspond to the place I do the action. The first bloc, which is pretty basic, is after waking up, before sitting down again. Once I sit, I start the development part, where I write two kinds of journal and meditate. Finally, the third bloc is the taking care of myself bloc, where I get cleaned up for the coming day.

I must say that while it find it easy to keep this schedule at home during a week day, it gets much harder in the week-ends, and even more when I am travelling. The second bloc is especially hard, since I have taken the habit of always writing at the same place. A way to help with this would be to vary the places where I write and meditate, even at home, so that the trigger for my habit is only based on the time and the action that was before.

An other challenge is taking my phone with me as I get up, and get on it while drinking my water. It does not get me in a good state of mind, and I often lose 15 minutes not really doing anything. As a solution, I will take it with me while getting up, then put it away until I am meditating, which I do using an application.

Do you have a system in the morning ? Any morning routine ?

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