October 30, 2020

Old Habits Die Hard

In the last week, I did not write or work on my project. We took a bit of vacation, and chose to go visit family. I took my computer, thinking that I could find the energy to work, at least a bit. But I got into my old habits of saying “it can wait”. Admittedly, it is not a big deal. And it’s not like I was away for so long either. Read more

October 20, 2020

Am I Qualified for This ?

Trying to create a successful business is something tough. For me, the toughest thing is to feel adequate that I am qualified to do it. I mean, there are so many people doing it out there, and when I, almost inevitably, stumble upon something with the same functionality than what I want to create, I get discouraged because I feel like I don’t have any legitimacy to do it anymore. Read more

October 16, 2020

What do I want to write about ?

I decided to write everyday. Thing is, I’m not sure what I want to write about. For now, I’m going to write about my life, my thougts, my doubts, but also about more technical topics. I know that I should be focusing on a single thing. But should I really ? What do I want to be known for ? As someone with insights on life ? Someone with good technical knowledge and some experience ? Read more

October 15, 2020

When You Dont Have Much Time

Tonight, I find myself with little time to both write and work on my project. This will be a quick one. I was tweaking my i3 config because I had issues with external screens while docking, and time flew by. But I’m here anyway, putting down the words. I have not set a minimum. Maybe it does not matter as long as I write something everyday. It may be a few words long, but it should at least summarize an idea that I encountered during the day. Read more

October 14, 2020

Trying to Get Back

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. Mostly because my daugther was born and I did not have the energy to do it. Obviously I have less time than before, but I noticed that it was my low levels of energy that kept me out of it. It took a while to adapt. I was mostly getting used to this new life, and trying to get a bit more sleep. Read more

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