October 14, 2020

Trying to Get Back

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. Mostly because my daugther was born and I did not have the energy to do it. Obviously I have less time than before, but I noticed that it was my low levels of energy that kept me out of it.

It took a while to adapt. I was mostly getting used to this new life, and trying to get a bit more sleep. I stopped the little positive habits that I had put into place, like writing, meditating and working on my side-projects a bit every day.

In the last two or three weeks, I slowly got back on the saddle, one habit after the other. It started by doing back stretching exercises every night, then adding a bit of side-project work, a bit of reading and some meditation. Sometimes, I just get down to work for a few minutes, sometimes more, but I try to get my mind into it for a little bit every day.

And now, my goal is to get back into blogging for a few different reasons.

First, because writing is an amazing way to organize your thoughts. I feel like I always had an issue with that, not knowing what to respond, not being clear on my ideas and values. Writing about those will help me clarify all of this, and probably insights on who I really am.

I also want to teach and learn more. As I am working at my day job and on my side-projects, there are a few topics I want to simplify and make more understandable. For me, as a future reference. And for others, as a way to help them grow, personally and professionally. I’ve been told I am a good teacher, so if I can put this skill to use, I may be able to make a difference, even if only for a single person.

Finally, I want to create a community. I don’t yet know what kind, but I am hoping it will get clearer as I write and interact with the readers of my blog. Yes, that would be in part for financial gain, but not by exploiting people. I want to create something that will really bring value over time, and keep growing with this community. Right now, I am creating a tool to add starring of blog posts to static websites, as an attempt to make something I would be interested in using, hoping that other would be interested as well and see value in it. (You can check out the landing page here. If you do, please be brutally honest with your feedback !)

I only got a slight glimpse on those benefits, but I will try to commit to write for a longer period of time to see them develop and grow. Some of my ideas, even in this post, may not be fully formed, or even coherent. I’ll do my best to improve, and hope that I can help you in any way.

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