May 3, 2021

Never Stop [44/365]

No time to work on my project today. But it does not mean I will stop. I will keep writing my daily post. I will get back to improving my landing page for the 365 days of side project. I will get back to outreach. I will get back to design. As long as I get back to it, progress will be made.

May 2, 2021

Improving My Landing Page [43/365]

Yesterday, I finished a first version of the landing page for the 365 days of side-project challenge. The idea is to have a method that will help you develop the habit of working on your side project every single day. When you are coming back from work exhausted, have to take care of the kids, prepare dinner and all the other household tasks, you feel completely drained and you just don’t want to do even more work. Read more

May 1, 2021

Challenges Ideas [42/365]

I just want to list a few ideas of challenges that I could get running: 365 days writing challenge 365 days anti-procrastination challenge 365 days twitter challenge 365 days design challenge 365 days coding challenge Those obviously need some marketing rework (this could also be a challenge, the 365 days marketing challenge), but there are quite a lot to do with that. Also, 365 days may not make sense in some cases. Read more

April 30, 2021

Simple Plan to Get Started [41/365]

To get ready for my new adventure, there are a few elements I need some clarification upon. I’ll start the list here for reference. Who do I want to serve ? I want to serve the people who want to grow, have a full time job and don’t necessarily find the time to practice the craft they want to learn. They read books, tutorials, and watch videos, but getting started can be quite hard because you have to choose what you would be doing without knowing if that is the right thing. Read more

April 29, 2021

Creating the simplest product [40/365]

5 days ago, I was planting my flag in a topic which I don’t know a lot about. Today, I read this post which introduced me to a very logical approach to getting started step by step. So I’m changing my mind again because right now, I don’t need to be doing 25 things in parallel. I need to ship. I need a first client. This approach of starting by creating a small-ish product that you only sell once seems like a simple way to get started and gain some experience and get my first client. Read more

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