April 28, 2021

I Don't Have a Lot to Say [39/365]

Unlike other people with successful blogs, I don’t seem to have a lot to say. Right now, that’s also due to the nature of the daily writing challenge, since coming up with a new topic everyday is something that is pushing the boundaries of my mind. I’m not saying that the longer posts are the best, I just still am having a hard time expanding on topics. Sometimes like today, I’m not sure how to expand it. Read more

April 27, 2021

Doubting Decisions [38/365]

As I choose to focus on a single topic, I am starting to doubt the decision before I even started working on anything significant related to it. That’s usually how it goes when I try to commit to a topic. Am I doing the right thing ? Who am I to be doing this ? Is this really going to be useful ? It’s ok to ask all those questions. It means that I always want to make something that is good. Read more

April 24, 2021

Planting my flag: Rust and Elm [35/365]

I have been trying to build Requeme but without a community of people who would actually want to buy it. This may be a change of mind, but I am pretty convinced that this is not a good idea. What’s great about creating your own platform is that if you put in the work, chances are that it will keep growing. This community will then be a great source of ideas for you to work on. Read more

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