June 17, 2020

A new beginning

It all started for me with this tweet, where I announce that I am starting this new project: Needed a small project to really start creating. Making this title card product is a great introduction, as the core functionality should not be too complicated (at first at least), and it will let me learn how to implement authentication and payment. — Marin Gilles (@mrngilles) June 12, 2020 I’ve given up on my last project because I could not see how to implement the authentication part. Read more

January 27, 2020

Treesque -- A new name for a first project

Since my last post, I kept working on this new project, and made quite a good progress. So let’s welcome Treesque ! Go take a look, and give it a try. And if you like it, let me know on Twitter or by email. It is very basic at this point, missing a lot of functionalities, but it is a start, and I am happy to just have something out. Read more

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