About this site and about me

Hi ! I’m Marin !

I am a starting IndieHacker, currently doing a 365 days writing challenge to show the building process for my projects. Currently working on Requeme, a way to create forms that improve communications towards your infrastructure team.


Current: Requeme, which is still a landing page

A few other projects that I have started, but may not have even released:

  • Startyk: Add a starring system to your static blog (Landing page)
  • Treesque: Organize you thoughts and tasks in a tree, without lifting your keyboard. By far my most advanced project so far, I learned a lot of what not to do with it. For now, there is no authentication because it was too hard to implement server side because of the way I have things set up, but your workspaces will stay there as long as you don’t clear you cache 😅

Favorite indie projects

  • Makerlog: Really nice to document the steps that I take each day towards my goal. And it also gives you a boost of motivation when you get a streak going.
  • WeJob: Amazing job board for Swiss tech jobs. They are doing an awesome job at this, and they are making it better, and expanding every day.
  • Carrd: I’ve been blown away at how easy it is to get a free landing page done with Carrd.

A few quotes I like

Be brave enough to suck at something new

I guess this is what this blog is about, since a lot of post will probably suck 😱

If it hurts, do it more often - Martin Fowler

That’s a hard one to put into action, since those actions will hurt by definition.

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