About this site and about me

Hi ! I’m Marin !

Looking for my path, in which I see myself building software to actually solve problems for others. The problem for me right now is to find a problem to solve.


I had been trying to get something off the ground, but I cannot find a topic on which people are actually really having issues I could solve. So, right now, I’m getting experience with Rust and will continue trying to look for issues to solve.

I’m working on small projects to build some credibility in my capacity to write Rust code as well.

This section will be updated when I have something to show.

Favorite indie projects

  • Makerlog: Really nice to document the steps that I take each day towards my goal. And it also gives you a boost of motivation when you get a streak going.
  • WeJob: Amazing job board for Swiss tech jobs. They are doing an awesome job at this, and they are making it better, and expanding every day.
  • Carrd: I’ve been blown away at how easy it is to get a free landing page done with Carrd.

Favorite blogs

A few quotes I like

Be brave enough to suck at something new

I guess this is what this blog is about, since a lot of post will probably suck 😱

If it hurts, do it more often - Martin Fowler

That’s a hard one to put into action, since those actions will hurt by definition.

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