November 9, 2020

My Technological Struggle

I started developing Startyk using Go, and found myself having to implement a lot of different elements, such as writing to a database, or choosing how to do templating. While there is power in creating your own version of those features, that is not something you want to reinvent if your goal is to develop a project fast For this reason, I tried to quickly implement the same functionalities using Rails. Read more

November 6, 2020

Creating the Seed

I started working on quite a few different projects in the past, whether in my personal or professional life, and the beginning often felt overwhelming. I did not know enough, or did not have a specific enough idea. There were too many moving parts. Pick your poison. I noticed over the years that this feeling came from taking on too much at once. When you don’t even know where to start, and think about too many things at once, your brain just stops. Read more

November 4, 2020

Discovering TailwindCSS

I just finished following a quick tutorial about TailwindCSS, you can find it here. My first impressions are really good, but let’s go in details about what I liked, a few questions and some extra resources. What I liked most: Easy to get started (with a caveat) Getting started with TailwindCSS, once you understand the concept, is very easy. Just add a few classes to your HTML, and you get desired styling. Read more

November 2, 2020

A Slow Progress

Tonight is one where I could not get some time to focus on Startyk. That’s ok, it will happen. But I still got down to it. Just to try and make a little step in the right direction by improving ever so slightly my first design. It’s ok to go slow, just move forward

November 1, 2020

Extra Toughts About Startyk

I really want to take startyk in the direction of helping bloggers, especially those starting out, getting discovered. But there are some points to keep in mind. First is about content quality. While I can try to bring some exposure to the bloggers, I cannot bring quality to their own content. Without it, they will not be able to create an audience that is really interested in what they have to say. Read more

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