October 20, 2020

Am I Qualified for This ?

Trying to create a successful business is something tough. For me, the toughest thing is to feel adequate that I am qualified to do it.

I mean, there are so many people doing it out there, and when I, almost inevitably, stumble upon something with the same functionality than what I want to create, I get discouraged because I feel like I don’t have any legitimacy to do it anymore.

To that, I always try to respond that it does not really matter. I may not yet have as much knowledge, but I have more than the people I want to help on the topic. I may do the same thing, but my message and motivations don’t have to be the same, nor do the people who will buy from me.

I know it consciously, but I have not really integrated it. The first thought that comes is not “Awesome, if someone is doing it, it means that people are interested”, but “Crap, how can I create something successful if someone has done it before, and better than where I am now ?”

As long as I have not experienced creating something in the same space as someone else successfully, I won’t be able to make it automatic. And to get there, I have to keep pushing through the doubt.

For how long ? I am not sure. I’m setting an arbitrary limit of 6 months after the official release of the product, just because I need to set a limit. And while landing pages are great, only payment will concretely validate the idea.

Let’s get to building in public and sharing !

Check out Startyk for the project I’m working on now. This is just a landing page, while I’m working on the MVP, but you have to start somewhere, right ?

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