April 1, 2021

Build it simple [12/365]

As an SRE, I am constantly exposed to posts and view points that you should be doing your work The Right Way™. You should be following the best practices, or you’re just bad at your job.

Those practices were usually developed by huge companies like Google because they had a very specific need. While they could make a lot of sense if you grow, you usually don’t need them at first. If ever.

As an indiehacker, you want to get your product out. You don’t need fancy CI/CD, build systems, or microservices. Those have their use, but you have so much room to grow before you need them that adding this complexity on top of everything you already have to get right is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Go for the simplest solution. You can always improve when it hurts.

And no, that’s not an April’s fool 😁

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