May 2, 2021

Improving My Landing Page [43/365]

Yesterday, I finished a first version of the landing page for the 365 days of side-project challenge.

The idea is to have a method that will help you develop the habit of working on your side project every single day. When you are coming back from work exhausted, have to take care of the kids, prepare dinner and all the other household tasks, you feel completely drained and you just don’t want to do even more work.

This extra work can be a bit of fresh air, but usually is not at first.

The goal is to make you a person that will get down to their side project no matter the day they had before. They want to become independent, have little time and energy to do so, and are going for it anyway.

At the start, you are someone who is so exhausted at the end of the day that the only thing you want is to lay on the couch scrolling Twitter.

At the end, you will get to work on your project, even if only for a bit, despite the exhaustion. Then you probably will also scroll Twitter, hopefully less passively, maybe even doing some light marketing and engagement.

All these ideas, I want to reflect on this page. I think I am still far from it. But laying them in this post makes them much clearer for me, and hopefully will help the nice people of IndieHackers to make an even better roast 😁.

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