April 6, 2021

Simple Technology [17/365]

Creating a new project usually means having to choose a tech stack, some architecture and make other decisions about the technology to use.

Go for the simplest possible.

Maybe your stack will be complex just because you are solving a hard problem. Don’t make it harder that it needs to be.

Creating a web application, I chose to rely on basic web principles. I have multiple pages generated on the server instead of a Single Page Application, a RESTish API instead of a fancy GraphQL or gRPC one, and use basic Javascript instead of a JS framework until I need it.

I will add more technologies if solving an issue would be much harder without it.

Ironically, I chose Rust as a backend language, which is admittedly one of the hardest to get started with. I see this language as the one which will keep things as simple as possible for me during development, even if there is a bit of overhead.

Choose what is simple, and choose what you like.

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