May 6, 2021

Always Doubting My Focus [47/365]

I switched the focus of my work since I started this challenge. First I was creating forms for SRE to collect all the requests they were getting, then I switched to creating a 365 days of side project challenge.

But that’s not all. Before all that, I was working on a way to have a starring system integrated to your static blog, to see which posts were liked most, and before that, a todo list that acted as a tree first, with the idea to make it reorganizable and create virtual trees.

All in the matter of a year and a half.

Obviously, nothing was either finished or good enough to put a price on it (Treesque is actually still running, if you want to try it out). But I did not stick to a single tech stack, nor project, and made no real marketing effort in any of those.

I just keep switching my focus, not trying to get anything off the ground for very long.

The problem is that I still have the desire to make a switch every time I hear an other inspiring story.

Here is some my internal dialogue.

But my job is in this field, so maybe this would be a great thing to do instead

Small projects are cool, but I want to dream big, make it my mission

I love this topic that I know nothing about, let’s get to it

Better solve my own problem

Better find someone who can tell me what are their problem

The list goes on…

So I decided that this will stop. I will focus on a single project for a bit of time, trying to sell it before it is even built, then if I can do that, I will build it.

The main fear that leads me to this kind of behavior is that I will waste my time… Guess what I’m doing by switching 🤦

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