April 7, 2021

Vanity Metrics [18/365]

Twitter likes or retweets, website visits, followers… Those are all vanity metrics that are not the best factors for success.

You can have 10k followers, but if no one buys what you have to offer, then it is useless.

Chasing those vanity metrics is not the ultimate goal.

However, they are showing how much people see what you create. And that’s where the values lies. Because if a lot of people who follow you see some content and do not engage with it, it means your content is not great or not aligned with what they are expecting.

That’s an amazing feedback loop.

And what you’ll be looking for when you’re just getting started.

I saw a message on Twitter about someone who just crossed the 1k followers threshold (sorry I could not find who you are kind stranger) and who said that it was a goal for him, even if this was just a vanity number. He would not be chasing this vanity number after that.

But with this amount of people seeing what he is creating, he can now get quicker feedback on what he created, and adapt on the fly.

Don’t build a following for the numbers. Build it for feedback.

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