May 7, 2021

Continuous Learning [48/365]

Learning a bit more everyday is quite difficult. The process is painful, and you usually have to push yourself to actually learn it properly. This means doing what you are learning.

And doing it bad at first.

For me, and to get introduced to some topics, I will probably write about those topics to try to explain them to myself. It will mean research, but I will surely learn a lot in the process and will have to at least do some parts of it.

Since a lot of the topics will be trainable online, I will do my best to actually apply what I learn.

A few topics of interest (the first ones are coming directly from @OneJKMolina)

  • Copywriting
  • Media buying
  • Lead gen
  • Ghostwriting
  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Email copywriting
  • Digital real estate
  • Edge computing
  • CDN replication
  • Internal Developer Platforms
  • Woodworking

A post on any of those topics would not fit in the daily form that I am using now. But now, when I want to learn a new topic, I think a good first goal would be to write an overview post of the topic so that I get actually started and learn enough to know where to go next.

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