April 9, 2021

Creating Connections Online [20/365]

After yesterday’s post, I got an answer on IndieHacker that said:

You’re not looking for spikes [in traffic]… You’re looking for a real relationship

Indeed, when creating a new business, you don’t just want spikes in your traffic, but you want to be close to the community around this business.

However, if you want to create those relationships, you need people to see your work, thus need some traffic. It may be on your own website, or maybe on Twitter, but you need some people looking your way saying “Hmmm, that’s interesting” before you can even engage in a conversation.

Once you’ve got a start of a relationship, then you should absolutely cultivate it. This will be your main growth and improvement driver.

And sometimes, you don’t just want to create those relationship for a business reason. You just find some people online you like and become friends with them. They will not be your clients, or your best evangelists, but they will be here to keep you moving forward, as any friend would do.

Now go out and make friends 😁

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