May 16, 2021

A New Approach [57/365]

Well, I don’t think anymore that this 365 days of side project challenge is of any interest to people out there. Maybe I’m wrong, it is not really well validated. But I have not done it, so I don’t think I have any place to be doing that.

So I’ll focus instead on learning and teaching at the same time, and I’ll start with a problem that I actually have.

For me, organizing all the information that there is out there is very difficult. The only “system” that I have is to send myself the information that I want to either keep or explore later to myself by email then put it somewhere in Notion.

But that’s not cutting it. It is bothersome, clutters my email, and I often end up deleting a lot of stuff that I saw out there and don’t want to explore anymore.

I want to design a system to manage all this: The emails from the mailing lists, the blog posts that I read, the Twitter threads that I want to come back to, and all other relevant resources.

I want to be able to track how much progress I have made on some of those topics. Although I’m not sure while writing this that this would be the goal.

I see myself wanting to work on something like this for quite a long time, and use such a system for all my life. I can get started small, by just growing my Twitter following, creating a mailing list, then a course and potentially a product to apply the method.

I obviously need to focus on one thing, and that could be it. This spans everything in my life, from my job to my personal projects to simple interests. It solves a real problem for me, is already something that people are interested in and could give a lot of great examples to write about.

I also want the idea of publicly sharing some or all of my organized knowledge.

I will start by learning about the existing ways to do this, and I will tweet and write about them in a way that I hope can help others organize their thoughts and their content.

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