March 21, 2021

My daily writing as an indiehacker [1/365]

My experience of daily writing

Writing is an exercise that I have been doing for a bit. I filled quite a few notebooks with my morning and evening writings, setting myself up for a single small page a day. However, I noticed that I ended up writing always pretty much the same things everyday, mindlessly.

And I did that for a couple of years…

I want to make this practice better, and hopefully create something that will be helpful for others. So I will be blogging everyday for the next year. I’ll make sure not to always blabber about the same things over again, and try to bring insights to the ideas or concepts I expose.

Trying to be helpful…

What will this be about ? Since I have been trying my hand at indiehacking, I want to track my progress and share my experiences. I want to explain my struggles, both personally and technically on this journey, and share what I learn, hopefully helping someone in the process.

I plan to go through my ideas, wins, failures, technical issues, design process, marketing decisions. I will probably make a lot of mistakes, and hope to learn from them.

I have a hope that this will help me move forward, especially by discovering my so-called “purpose”. Right now, a few product ideas are going through my head, but I have not found something that I really resonated with.

… and show what I am building

Nevertheless, I will build my current idea, to solve a problem I have encountered at my day job. The goal is to create a form generator to help standardize requests for infrastructure teams. There are two main points I mostly want to make better: Form output and request discovery.

For the first point, I saw too many forms just spitting out the results that were given on the requester side, which still leaves a lot of potentially grunt work to do on the engineer side. The goal would be to have a templating applied to the input so that the output directly gives the correct commands to run to the operator, or the complete path to follow to complete the request with the exact values to just copy paste in the right place, including screenshots of the screens one would have to go through. This makes onboarding new team members easier as it serves as documentation, reduces cognitive load, makes it faster to fulfill the requests and is a first step towards automation.

The second point is about discovery. How do other team members know which form or option to choose ? Maybe they don’t know that what they are asking for is already something that has been standardized ? With this point, searching for a few keywords would help filter down as well as possible the forms that are available.

Doubts of an indiehacker

I don’t know that this would actually be something others would be interested in, certainly not in the indiehacking community. But if I don’t try it, I won’t know if it would.

So I’ll build it, at least a very small version. Even if that does not work, I hope we can learn something together.

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