March 28, 2021

Growing Your Systems [8/365]

Growing a system will help you create habits more easily and rely on those to be consistent over the years.

You’ll first need a core practice, something you do every day. I chose this daily writing practice, which is the first time block that I set everyday.

With this post written, I publish it on different public platforms. First it was only Twitter, then I added IndieHacker, then MakerLog. I kept adding what made sense and have templates for each of those to remove as much friction as possible.

Once you have this core practice down, you can add bits around it. I chose to do some coding right after I’m done publishing everything, so that my projects can move forward.

The goal is to try to be as consistent on your core practice as possible. Usually, momentum will propel you to keep going for the following ones. When it does not, be kind to yourself and start again the next day.

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