January 30, 2019

Blog Commits on Git

When creating a new system, I usually create a new blog post associated with it. My blogging being done using hugo, and the source of the code being on git, I usually create git commits for each new post. Not only that, but I may also make configuration changes, or updates on a post. I classify in the following categories :

  • Post: Creating a new post
  • Update: Updating a post
  • Config: Changing some configuration for the blog
  • Theme: Changing parts of the theme

So every time I create a new commit, I add those categories in front of the commit message, helping see better the last actions that were done. So here is my system for creating a new commit on my blog :

This is just a small system, but that’s one less thing to think about when writing something new. Every win is good to take !

By the way, I am very happy that I put my system to create others systems down on the paper, since I used it writing this system as I was not sure of the steps and norms that I defined anymore. Two wins in a row !

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