June 1, 2021

Not Giving Up [70/365]

I’ve missed a few days of writing. To be very honest, that’s discouraging. It’s not been easy to choose to continue writing, I almost just gave up. Not because it is so hard, but because I did not stay in the challenge rules. Falling is part of life. If I stop just because I fell a few times, I’ll never properly walk, even less run. So I’ll keep writing, even if I missed some days and that the streak is dead. Read more

May 9, 2021

Pushing Daily [50/365]

Everyday, it is hard to get started working on my side project. I may not know what I have to do for the day, or I may just be tired. If I don’t make the effort to at least get started every day, it will end up going nowhere. And I don’t want that. My goal for the year is to have at least launched a project officially, and get at least one client. Read more

April 18, 2021

Fighting Instant Gratifications [29/365]

Instant gratification is what gives us a bad time whenever we are trying to do anything remotely difficult. Trying to write everyday ? Fight staying in bed instead of getting up. Trying to lose weight ? Fight the attraction of the bag of chips. Trying to exercise ? Fight staying in your couch. Trying to start a business ? Fight watching Youtube. I want to find a way to fight successfully against instant gratifications. Read more

April 15, 2021

Some Harder Times [26/365]

As I start writing this blog post today, I don’t want to work on it, nor do I want to work on Requeme. It has been hard to get up and get started. However, as I keep on writing, I noticed that the pain I felt of not wanting to start slowly fades away. Keep this in mind in the harder times. The hardest part to motivation is getting started. Read more

April 11, 2021

An Evening Daily [22/365]

Today’s daily is released in the evening instead of the morning as usual. I decided yesterday to prioritize sleep over getting up to work this morning because I was starting to feel very tired. And it’s ok to twist the process a little bit. As long as it is still here. I am not the first one to say this, but it does not matter how much you fall, it matters how fast you get back up. Read more

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