September 20, 2021

Creating for Learning (and Profit)

In the past two years, I have tried to create projects, validate product ideas, setup landing pages, develop my following, without success. Two years of learning Reflecting on this, I see now that it was not because I was using the wrong methods. It was a lack of focus. Not because I was not interested in what I was doing, but I always ended up doubting that the end product would be useful, and that anyone would ever buy it. Read more

November 2, 2020

A Slow Progress

Tonight is one where I could not get some time to focus on Startyk. That’s ok, it will happen. But I still got down to it. Just to try and make a little step in the right direction by improving ever so slightly my first design. It’s ok to go slow, just move forward

November 1, 2020

Extra Toughts About Startyk

I really want to take startyk in the direction of helping bloggers, especially those starting out, getting discovered. But there are some points to keep in mind. First is about content quality. While I can try to bring some exposure to the bloggers, I cannot bring quality to their own content. Without it, they will not be able to create an audience that is really interested in what they have to say. Read more

October 21, 2020

The vision for Startyk

For this new tool I’m working on, Startyk, there are a few features that I would love to use on my blog. I want this tool to be helpful to writers to understand their audience better, get discovered more easily, and for readers to have a filter, so that they don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of resources out there. And I want it to integrate in the writer’s platform. They should be the owners of their content, not a third party. Read more

October 19, 2020

Bringing DevOps to IndieHacking

I love the IndieHacking movement, and I noticed that there are people saying that they just edit their files on their servers, and that’s how they deploy their application. If some say it, they’re not the only ones to do it. Since I’m an SRE by day, I’m wondering if there would not be a way to bring some of the methods of my work to the world of IndieHacking. Read more

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