May 19, 2021

Reflecting on Myself [59/365]

At times, one has to stop and reflect on their actions.

Is that really who I want to be ?

Is this action really what will make me happy, today and for the coming years ?

Am I doing something useful ?

I forced myself today to stop and think about those questions. I don’t like the answers I got.

Because of that, I am doing some writing for myself, to make things clearer, to define strategies to counter my shortcomings and start becoming someone I can actually be proud of.

It is a very hard process, and you have to accept the truth about yourself.

It is a process that I will try to go through every single day, to make sure that I am centered on what I should actually be doing. There will be shorter and longer sessions, but I will get out of it with a better understanding of the road in front of me.

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