May 28, 2021

Tired but Not Down [68/365]

There are days where you’ll be feeling really tired, and won’t want to keep doing anything. That’s fine. Everyone has such days. It does not mean you’re stopping, it just means you need a break. Take the time to rest, to get better. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you should take it easy for a bit. This time is as important as the time you get down to work. Read more

May 26, 2021

Enjoying Hardships [66/365]

At times in your life, you will feel like you’re faced with a lot of obstacles that prevent you to make forward progress. It could be your job, your family situation, lack of money, lack of network. There are thousands of reasons you can find. Instead of seeing those as obstacles, try to turn them on their head and make them a positive. You have little time to work on your side project after work ? Read more

May 19, 2021

Reflecting on Myself [59/365]

At times, one has to stop and reflect on their actions. Is that really who I want to be ? Is this action really what will make me happy, today and for the coming years ? Am I doing something useful ? I forced myself today to stop and think about those questions. I don’t like the answers I got. Because of that, I am doing some writing for myself, to make things clearer, to define strategies to counter my shortcomings and start becoming someone I can actually be proud of. Read more

April 23, 2021

Difficult Conversations [34/365]

At some point in your life, you will need to have a difficult conversation with someone you love. This will be even harder because you know that you will probably hurt the other person, even when that’s the last thing you want. But you cannot stay quiet any longer. You’re going to be days living with an awful feeling. I know I am. Try to be as empathetic as possible. The conversation was necessary, and it was the right thing to do, but it does not mean you should not acknowledge that the other person is suffering too. Read more

October 30, 2020

Old Habits Die Hard

In the last week, I did not write or work on my project. We took a bit of vacation, and chose to go visit family. I took my computer, thinking that I could find the energy to work, at least a bit. But I got into my old habits of saying “it can wait”. Admittedly, it is not a big deal. And it’s not like I was away for so long either. Read more

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