April 27, 2021

Doubting Decisions [38/365]

As I choose to focus on a single topic, I am starting to doubt the decision before I even started working on anything significant related to it. That’s usually how it goes when I try to commit to a topic.

Am I doing the right thing ?

Who am I to be doing this ?

Is this really going to be useful ?

It’s ok to ask all those questions. It means that I always want to make something that is good.

As for the actual usefulness, here is how you can frame it. If you want to solve valuable problems, find people who have those kind of issues. And to have someone to talk to about the problems they have, find a way to bring value to them, even if you have to shout in the void for a bit.

You won’t be able to nail it from the beginning. You have to do something that is at least remotely interesting first so that people start listening and talking to you. Then, you can try to solve their own problem. To do something that starts being interesting, look at your own problems and solve them. Some people will have the same issue and ask for your help.

Solving this chicken and egg issue looks very difficult at first. But once you get the entrypoint, meaning solving your own problem, then it makes it a lot easier.

Solve your own problem, find someone interested, then solve their problem. Repeat.

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