November 11, 2022

What I Am Interested About

In my previous post, I urged you to start by writing on topics you are interested about.

I will be doing the same.

My goal is to learn about some new topics, mostly tech related, and be able to teach them.

Here is a small list of what I want to be writing about

  • Introduction to Rust for web development
  • Introduction to Elm
  • Creating a web appliation with Rust and Elm
  • Coding patterns
  • Making Rust builds faster
  • Making your personal website with Rust
  • What I learn reading SICP

There probably are a lot already written on the topic, which is ok. I want to write about that for my own understanding, and to help the beginners who find my blog, like my style and want to follow along.

There won't be any specific publishing dates yet, especially since most times, I will have to learn while writing the post. But I'll try to do all of that incrementally, and describe the process, issues and solutions that I found.

Let me know if there is a topic I can write around that you'd be interested in.

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