September 7, 2018

What Is Passion?

I have been looking for what is really of interest to me in the last years. And while I have found my interests to be quite broad, there is no one thing that really takes it to a different level. The two areas that could get as close as a passion for me as one could think of are learning, in general, and software programming.

But I often struggle, as I go from one to the other, not being sure exactly of what I want to pursue.

I don’t feel the fire some people describe when they talk about theirs. I don’t feel the pull to work long hours, and do the hard stuff.

What I noticed though, as I was writing that I would not be spending the next 10 years working on one of those interests, is that I would in fact do, and really want to. But even if I am interested in this, I am not always pushing forward with it. Sure, I try to learn a few things every day. But coding new, hard applications would be much more enriching and help me learn much more.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that even if you do have a passion, it is still very hard to pursue it, and always learn more about it. And there are moments that you want to quit, or cry. But I don’t really know what people think about their passions, how they live them.

What about you ?

  • Do you suffer pursuing your passion?
  • Do you consider yourself to have a passion?
  • If you are passionate, do you sometimes feel like quitting?
  • When did you notice ‘This is my passion’
  • How commited are you o your passion?
  • What did you do of it?

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