January 26, 2021

A Simple Wifi Menu With Rofi on i3

I’ve been using nm-applet in i3 to manage my networks, and it works pretty well. However, I don’t really like the icons it comes with in my systray, so I decided to try my hand at creating a little helper to get rid of it and manage my networks in an other way. Basically, I want to be able to connet to a wifi from the list of available ones. Read more

January 1, 2021

Alert on Low Battery in I3

Working on i3, you have to define a lot of functionalities yourself, or install the program that does it for you. One of those functionalities is to be alerted in case of a low battery. Let’s explore two options, the very simple and the very customizable, so that you can choose what fits you best. You’ll learn more about linux going the custom route, but it will take longer to get running. Read more

November 9, 2020

My Technological Struggle

I started developing Startyk using Go, and found myself having to implement a lot of different elements, such as writing to a database, or choosing how to do templating. While there is power in creating your own version of those features, that is not something you want to reinvent if your goal is to develop a project fast For this reason, I tried to quickly implement the same functionalities using Rails. Read more

November 4, 2020

Discovering TailwindCSS

I just finished following a quick tutorial about TailwindCSS, you can find it here. My first impressions are really good, but let’s go in details about what I liked, a few questions and some extra resources. What I liked most: Easy to get started (with a caveat) Getting started with TailwindCSS, once you understand the concept, is very easy. Just add a few classes to your HTML, and you get desired styling. Read more

October 31, 2020

Web Dev in Go

I’ve been developing Startyk in Go, and I’ve noticed a few things that really make me slower than I would like to be. I may be missing parts of the issue because of my lack of experience with Go and/or web development. First, I’ve had to create all of the Postgres integrations by hand. I could have gone with an ORM, and just let it do it’s magic. I tried that before, and managing IDs which are not integers quickly becomes quite difficult. Read more

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